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I also get some fundamental tools and training. I found this to be very helpful. Thanks to my decision to delve deeper into this field, I transitioned from being a restaurant server to earning a full time passive income online. Remember to build in a little more time than you think you’ll need for more flexible stages like research, training, and lead prospecting. The platform is really user friendly and the support team is amazing. Social Sale Rep is suitable for people looking for remote work or anyone who wants to earn affiliate commissions using social media marketing. Then get this video creator to do the trick for you. All members will get their own customized website where you can write and post these reviews. You want some proof that it’s legitimate before you hand over your hard earned cash. And it takes a few simple steps to get started. However, if you buy it now, that’s not what you’ll be looking at. Appreciates life and adores corgi. This means that the vendor partners using this platform make the most of it by helping companies reach different people from different geographical niches. Ability to closely follow provided steps and instructions. Additionally, you’re paying for access to websites that are already 100% free. At the end of this article, I’ll also tell you another alternative, lest you might find SSR unsuitable for you. This, in turn, ensures we offer a more focused and high quality service to our members. Net jobs pay at least $25 per hour, and many pay even more. Not all junior sales reps will know how to create charts and graphs that make sense, and that’s okay. After conducting thorough research, we can say that Social Sale Rep is not a scam. There is tons of scars nowadays that it is always best to check for reviews before signing up. However, I have to be upfront with you – Social Sale Rep is not a 100% legitimate program. I’m not calling Social Sales Rep a scam simply because it does provide legitimate training.

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As a result, it appears in the search engines even though it’s unrelated to socialsalerep. It’s not transformative, nor is it in depth, in my opinion. Avoid this issue by preferring visual content over words. You can be sure that the transaction is secure and safe, meaning your personal information and credit card information won’t be stolen. To proceed, you can visit Clickbank support and start a live chat session with their customer support team. Reduce manual processes and achieve seamless B2B database connectivity. A credible work from home platform should provide comprehensive training and resources to equip you with the necessary skills. As of the latest update, Social Sale Rep offers an appealing offer: a 3 day trial for just $1. Date of experience: September 21, 2023. I’m not claiming it to be perfect or suitable for everyone, but why not give it a chance. The program will help you get a huge social media following and later help you to monetize your audie. It gives access to brand new websites, rich in content, easy to edit, and cash generating. Your support means a lot to us, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way. First and foremost, the program is not going to reveal an exclusive secret or a break trough method to make affiliate sales on social media.

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Upgrade writing tasks. Creating a pitch deck like the one you presented to your investors when you started your company is one challenge, but your prep doesn’t end there. The idea is to find an audience that needs a problem solved. However, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks and do your research before getting started. Wealthy Affiliate has a very simple pricing scheme. The Social Sale Rep’s database can save you a lot of time if you don’t have a long term contract with one company but would rather work on an as and when basis. This is the best business to start in 2023 and made me over 27k last month alone. Sites like Survey Junkie will pay you for your opinion and Inbox Dollars offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites and searching the web. Paul Getter designed and authored this complete multimedia program to help people especially online marketers develop a helpful social media strategy. If I was to choose two things, one would be the flexibility and versatility of this guidance, and the other one would be the low cost. I can say that confidently after exposing over 500+ of them here on this blog. RECOMMENDED: Go here to see my no. We’ll definitely look into the consistency you’ve pointed out. Isn’t that interesting. However, on the bright side, they do offer guidance on starting online work. Asurion is a device insurance company that ensures their customers have tech protection, repair services, and customer support whenever they need it.

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A social media specialist is a skilled professional responsible for developing and executing social media strategies. Similar to any conventional job application, you’ll need to submit resumes, cover letters, and potentially engage in interviews. There’s a technical glitch here on the dashboard, it seems. They typically come from North America, Europe, or the Asian Pacific. There is no info about who is behind Social Sales Rep. It is only $27, but there will also be some additional upgrades you can get after joining. This course goes more in depth on live chat agencies, how they work, who they look for, and what they offer. I think it’s a little misleading. Social Sale Rep Review – Key Takeaways. It’s heartwarming to know that our training has been a helpful. Whether it’s a formal course, an easily accessible wiki or online reference tool, ongoing mentoring and coaching from more experienced staff members, or a combination of approaches, do what it takes to make sure your staff feels confident and clear about how to do their jobs well. Here are a few customer service tips to deliver a better customer experience. Hi Am Eraka Marvin from Kampala Uganda, East Africa. At least that’s how I feel about it. And given the rise of remote work and tools such as team chat, you can find a social manager for hire just about anywhere. Sign up as a remote worker on Social Sale Rep and gain access to training on social media promotion. I have worked online for years and here I share my experiences about how to make a living online, avoiding online scams, how to grow your business online, internet marketing tools, and more. Voice OverProducers and ComposersSingers and VocalistsMixing and MasteringSession MusiciansOnline Music LessonsPodcast EditingSongwritersBeat MakingAudiobook ProductionAudio Ads ProductionSound DesignJingles and IntrosAudio EditingMusic TranscriptionVocal TuningDJ Drops and TagsDJ MixingRemixing and MashupsSynth PresetsMeditation MusicAudio Logo and Sonic BrandingMusic and Audio Advice. Finding the right prospects. It might have been what Social Sale Rep was once about. As long as you know how to attract your Instagram followers and you spread influence on the same platform, you can perfectly do this job. The Government of Canada cannot intervene in private disputes that are strictly commercial in nature. For the training section Basic Live Chat Jobs Training, I’ll go through each course, providing descriptions of each lesson so that you get an idea of what’s inside the members’ area. It also has a reliable refund policy, making it a legitimate option. IllustrationNFT ArtPattern DesignPortraits and CaricaturesCartoons and ComicsTattoo DesignStoryboardsWeb and App Design. Despite making promises of favorable outcomes, their true aim is to deceive and exploit unsuspecting individuals. It’s somehow similar to that of social media manager, you may be asked to create and curate boosting posts with social media advertising. Fortunately, if you do end up purchasing Social Sale Rep or any of the upsells, there is a money back guarantee. The demand for live chat assistants is high among companies that place a high value on quality customer service.

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Set drip campaigns to improve your engagement and response to email marketing. You’ve heard of influencer marketing, and are wondering what all the hype is about. Welcome to your orientation training to get you up to speed. So let’s go over both below. Module two goes over intermediate level jobs. And there are different kinds of sales reps; inside sales, outside sales, door to door sales, social sales, etc. Similar to any conventional job application, you’ll need to submit resumes, cover letters, and potentially engage in interviews. Other users took to the site to claim that ‘subscription fees on streaming services’ are no longer worth the money. Invest in this unique program today and never worry again about struggling to make a living. Moreover, for such a powerful app that helps to make money easily, it’s strange to see that there are no user reviews and testimonials. That’s OK, I’ll get right on it.

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There’s a scam that directs you to a fake website to claim a rebate/credit as a result of a network outage. Having access to a huge platform that attracts people willing to promote brands is how Social Sale Rep works for the business owners. And why has the company not responded to anyone on Trustpilot to prove them wrong. 1 recommendation for making money online. The digital domain provides various paths to generate earnings, such as establishing an online store, engaging in paid surveys, or freelancing. This fee is attributed to the inclusion of a range of supplementary tools, resources, and advanced technology not easily found elsewhere. We also provide flexible work schedules to maximize your time. The projected numeric change in employment from 2022 to 2032. Thank You I found this very helpful. This eBook serves as your primary promotional tool. To start a refund process, visit Clickbank support and initiate a Live Chat. The reason I created this review was that even though Social Sales Rep shows a real way to make money and it has some training that can help you get started, there are many aspects I do not think are clear. You may have read some Social Sale Rep reviews describing a different product. We’ll explore the features and benefits it offers, what type of person it’s best suited for, and find out if it is worth it. After the initial 3 days, you will be charged $47 so you can enjoy the full modules for the whole month, and the recurring charge of the same amount per month thereafter which you can cancel at any time before the due date. But it’s still disappointing. We’re genuinely thrilled to hear that you landed a job within just one week of joining our program. And the fact that we can’t locate who or what owns this program is just another alarming red flag. I personally recommend starting your own affiliate marketing business using the same strategies that took me from earning $0 to earn $1000’s per month in passive income. But then, I saw the member’s area and quickly changed my mind. Let me show you what I mean. You will also have access to the platform’s training materials to help you begin work. Then there is a lot of other very vague and general information about the company and some stock photos. Want to make the most of your comments. Social network Gold is essential to anyone that wants to maximize building traffic to their networking site. Date of experience: September 28, 2023. You do not have to wait on offices to call you up for an interview or wait to finish school to get a job, no. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned internet marketer; the platform provides training that suits your level of expertise. Here at HubSpot, we use Facebook Messenger to distribute blog posts like this one, but other businesses are using these apps to make it easier for customers to make purchases and get the help they need β€” in apps they’re already using to communicate with friends and family.

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In other words, if you are qualified for advanced or intermediate jobs, you may not need to take this course. You can access the helpdesk by filling out a form, but as mentioned earlier, Social Sales Rep does not have a customer service phone number. Sprout’s Listening tool currently helps you tap into conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr and the Web. This means you cannot choose the exact products yourself. If your answer, stop struggling your savior is here, purchase the eBook and all will be well with you. We want to clarify that we are committed to offering legitimate opportunities and do not engage in deceptive practices. But I haven’t seen an abundance of complaints or positive comments either, so hopefully, this review provides you with the insight you’re looking for. Despite this, if you’re interested in live chat work, don’t let this discourage you, and you can explore Social Sale Rep with Clickbank’s 60 day refund policy. See terms and conditions. If you decide that it isn’t, all you have to do is ask for your money back within the given time frame. This training section provides step by step tutorials on effectively using the Chat Jobs Database to find chat job opportunities on job sites. Therefore, you want to know whether this company can stand up to its promises.

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Originally published in July 2019 by Sean Kennedy with contributions from Matthew Guay and has since had contributions from Chris Hawkins. Train your sales reps to write posts that provide value that their readers can act on right away. It’s about becoming a live chat assistant, it’s not about becoming a social sales rep. What you need to know about your audience to influence your social media marketing strategy is already available. Creating a social media strategy for businesses is a service you can offer as a social media manager. One on Reddit provides an accurate description of the product and their opinion of whether it’s worth it. Currently, the program is selling on the marketplace of ClickBank. You do not need to worry about wasting your time and energy as they provide you with training and equipment, which will be of great help in the future as well. Disclaimer:Please note, I am not an affiliate for Social Sale Rep. It also helps you understand how to leverage social media platforms to maximize your reach and earnings. The program probably seems like a scam to you, and I won’t blame you. So it’s not a reason to call Social Sale Rep a scam. If you see, for example, a social post driving traffic from your employees’ networks, you can use it as a basis for your paid ad. Additionally, they may be responsible for content creation, relationship building, and managing advertising campaigns. Otherwise, you’re nothing more than a customer. The influx of people across social media channels creates an opportunity for you to showcase your brand to thousands. Disclosure: This website is reader supported. There is tons of scars nowadays that it is always best to check for reviews before signing up. Using the training program inside, you will learn how to make money online using a legit method. The training is well organized and easy to understand for beginners. To make it even easier, you will be able to access their support team at any time during the night or day and all additional tools that you will need along the way. We would like to understand more about your experience and see how we can make things right. Is there anyone really running it, updating, or there if you need them for real questions.


When I realized that Social Sale Rep follows the same scheme as the programs I mentioned earlier, my scam alarm went off. You can use the search button on my website to see if I’ve already reviewed it, or– You can leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to provide feedback within 24 hours. Once you’ve done step one, the next step is logging into your Write App Reviews website where you can access a database of apps and start reviewing them. This efficient approach can save significant time and effort compared to the often painstaking task of individually searching multiple sites for job openings. Social Sale Rep is a paid service that helps job seekers find job listings from various sites like Indeed, Upwork, and Guru in one place. Various advantages are associated with working online. Furthermore, Aberdeen Group released a study on the impact of social selling. WIth that being said, it doesn’t look like the typical scam product but they make some claims that are kind of overhyped. On top of those skills, you will be trained to put them to good use to advertise and market for big businesses. Secondly, this program is not going to take care of traffic for you. When working with affiliate marketing it is, in my opinion, very important to do what I call honest affiliate marketing to set yourself up for long term success and also be able to sleep well at night. Let me show you the truth in my honest review. Trainees often receive guidance from an experienced worker for the first few weeks of employment. Knowing that this hourly rate is way higher than the norm, I checked out the company they were hiring for and the position I was to apply for was about $15 less an hour. You can sometimes be distracted by the things happening around the office. You can try my free course if you want to start with affiliate marketing. As you can see, some users consider Social Sale Rep a scam, and I understand why. Hopefully, you enjoyed my insights on the product. Why aren’t people getting results if it’s as easy as 123 to make money with this app. For most profiles, this tab has a table with wages in the major industries employing the occupation. Sounds fishy and unprofessional. An online platform offers a flexible schedule in that you can create your schedule and work only when you feel free to do so.

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